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The Thrashless youtube channel now has a video of our track Mirrored Reality from at our very first gig at Tapper.


Thrashless have recieved our first album review which you can check out here.


Thrashless will be thrashing Rock Cafe this Saturday 27.10 and the gallery with pictures from the Rockstars gig is now online here.

09.10.2012 – Tapper Gig pictures online.

We now have pictures from the Tapper gig here.


Thrashless would like to send out a very special thank you to all the people at tapper on the 5th. You guys Rocked!

Also, we released our new video for the track “Sanity Deprived” which you can find it here! Go check it out and leave any comments on youtube if you wish!

Now we are expecting to see you all again on the 20th of October at Rockstars where you can buy our cd or a t-shirt if you havent got one yet!

Thanks For The Support And Looking Forward To Seeing You All Again!
Thrash Away!

24.09.2012 A Little Update From The Band.

On the 26th of September 2012 Thrashless will be featured on the radio show “Metallion” that will be airing on Radio 2 at 10 pm.

There will be an interview and 2 tracks will be played -”Merciless Death” and “Mirrored Reality”.  One of those tracks you have already heard the second one on the other hand is something you have not.

So tune in and thrash away!

Thrashless will release their debut album “Awaiting Rebirth” on the 25th of September. We´ll be sure to celebrate and we´ll be sure to also let you guys know about it.

On the 1st of October Thrashless will be premiering a video for their song “Sanity Deprived”.

On the 5th of October Thrashless shall be taking the stage at tapper where you will have a chance to get into the pit and also purchase “Awaiting Rebirth” .