Awaiting Rebirth – Reborn in Hell


Reborn In Hell (Music/Lyrics Sommer)

Shed My Tainted Skin, Remove This Shell Of Flesh.
Burn Away My Spirit, Make The Sacrifice.
Ritualistic Murder, The Victim Is Myself.
Extreme Act Of Violence, Preparing My Rebirth.

Summoning The Demons, Servants Of The Mad.
Conjuring The Devil, Visions I Have Had.
Tearing Flesh From Bone, Agony Extreme,
Gutted While Alive, All Of This Is Real.

Reborn In Hell.
Reborn In Hell.

My Earthly Life Is Over, My Human Form Is Dead.
The Past Annihilated, My Future Lies Ahead.
Superior Creation, I’m The Devils Work.
Malfunctioned Evolution, Bringer Of Your Death.

Insane By My Choice, Random And Chaotic.
Nihilistic Function, Cryptic Entity.
Morphing Man To Beast, Reverse The Flow Of Time.
Unleash The Devils Minions, I Command Them All.

Reborn In Hell.
Reborn In Hell.

Wielding Powers From Beyond,
Hatred And Lust In My Dominion.
Indulge In Pain And Pleasure,
Perverse Infernal Desecration.

The Devils Whore Worships Me,
Orgies And Blood.
Damnation Is Our Blessing,
We Shall Rise Again.

Flood This World With Demons, Drown It Into Blood.
Welcome Armageddon, I Am Now Reborn.
The Flames Of Hell Burn Higher, Inferno Absolute.
From Chaos And Destruction, Order Shall Be Born.

Reborn In Hell.
Reborn In Hell.

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